Enjoying volleyball: you and your team members like nothing better than that. Now we’ve rejoined Sportcentrum De Pijp, we’ve rearranged the information, tips and tasks each team has. Together, you divde these tasks, because: ‘vele handen maken licht werk.’ Dutch version

Training schedule Sportcentrum de Pijp 

On Mondays, we train in the right sports hal, the same as where we’ll play our home matches. On Tuesdays, we train in the left sports hall, the one with the grandstand on the long side of the court.

Trainings indeling Volleybal Vereniging Armixtos Amsterdam

Sportcentrum De Pijp 
  • We train on Monday’s and Tuesday’s in Sportcentrum De Pijp, at Lizzy Ansingstraat 88, 1072 RD Amsterdam.  We play our home matches on Saturday here, as well.
    (Parking = expensive, bike is best. OV works as well, for example Metro 52 (stop: De Pijp) or Tram 12 (stop: v. Hilligaertstraat).  Read the measures here. 
  • Both at the door and inside De Pijp, the municipality of Amsterdam asks us for our patience and helpfulness towards floor managers and janitors. Not all materials are in place or sorted out yet. Please handle all materials with care.
  • When entering the sports hall, we want to ask you to be aware of cleaning the bottom of your shoes. There is still a lot of sand in front of the hall. The floor manager makes extra cleaning rounds, but there might be some sand inside. If so, you can always ask the floor manager for a broom or mop, to clean the floor before practice.
Materials and lockers
  • We have new lockers available. We’re working on a construction to make sure all the materials can be put away conveniently. Locker 24 and 26 are reserved for Armixtos. They (un)lock by code. Ask board members for this code.
    – First, enter [C], than the code, than the icon [key].
    – Slowly turn the lock to your left. The door is now open.
    – Closing it: make sure you keep slight pressure on closing the door, while entering: [C], the code, than the icon[key]. Than slowly turn the lock back to its original state. Than let go of the door. It’s locked now.
    This means you reset the lock of the locker every time you use it. Please be extra alert to insert the right code!
  • As a team, you are responsible for the match balls, de bag for them and all the other materials you use. If you loose a match ball, it’s on the team and you will be asked to pay a contribution to buying a new ball.
  • As a home playing team, you are responsible for setting up the court properly and in time before the match start or cleaning it properly afterwards.
  • Questions about the usage of materials or the lockers? Ask the material committee or the board members. Make sure every new member gets all the intelligence as wel. Make sure as a team and an individual, you pay close attention to the usage of materials and keep the lockers clean and whole. This way, we can enjoy the new surrounding for years to come!
Wethouder Verheyhal & Being a referee
  • On Thursday, we play home at Wethouder Verheyhal, (Polderweg 300, 1093 KP, Amsterdam. Easily accessible with Tram 19 or Bus 41, stop Oostport. Translation Muiderport is at a 5 minute walk. Parking is less expensive than De Pijp, but still. Bike always work.) The municipality of Amsterdam will scan your corona virus entry pass at the door.
  • Sometime we play home at different dates. In the past – and maybe in the future – we’ve also had extra training here.
  • When it’s your turn to referee, this is mostly the place to be. If you don’t know where to go, ask your captain or the match secretary.
  • In need of a refresher course? The board is working on a date, please email voorzitter@armixtos.nl if you’re interested.
  • Read a hand-out with the most important tips for referees here.
Other tips & tasks
  • Besides the must-do’s as a team, there are plenty of can-do’s left. Small, big, weird, normal.. You can always apply or ask for more info at our secretary. Or ask your captain!
  • The other important dates for the agenda can be found here.