As of August 22 we’re back at Sportcentrum De Pijp! We’re getting up and running in the first few weeks. Some team members are on a holiday, new teammies can still apply (yay, we need them!) and who had the bag-of-balls?

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Now what?

What can we expect and which other things we mustn’t forget these last couple of weeks?

  • August 22 indoor practice will start at Sportcentrum De Pijp. We’re approved to use all the materials again, so make sure we use them properly and put them back together (as a team) in place afterwards.
  • First competition matches are already on Thursday September 8, for Gents 2, 4 and Ladies 5 and 8. Here’s the overview for all the Armixtos matches. Check the team page or your Volleyball app for your own schedule.
  • Check with your team if the balls are still all in place, if everyody has a (digital) player card and if there already is a strategy to get a coach. Does everybody have an official match shirt and black volleybalpants?
  • You don’t have a complete team yet in these first weeks? Check with the nearest team below or above you in the training schedule, to maybe join forces for those moments when you’re with too little to train. Ask TC or captain, trainer for help.
  • Do you have any friends, colleagues, family members or acquaintances that might want to try volleyball in this green environment? Feel free to invite them, take them with you and show them the value of this club! (and maybe tell your trainer or captain when they’ll join)
  • Curious about the policy that the TC follows? Ask for the policy via (Yes, with a Z (from the Dutch ‘zaken’ and not with a C from committee)
Concept Train Schedule 
Indeling trainingen Armixtos Concept 22-23
Who is this TC? 

he TC operates as one, making sure there are a lot of eyes watching the teams and players throughout the season. Before summer recess these were the points of contact, at the moment they are introducing new TC-members and making sure every TC gets the right teams assigned.

Esmee (D2) – Heren 1 and 2
…. (vacancy) – Heren 3 and 4
Erik N (H2) – Dames 1, 2 and 3
Nikki (D1) – Dames 4 and 5
…..(vacancy) – Dames 6 and 7
Esmé (D1) – Dames 8 and 9

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