There are people that can do things, no one else can. Skills, such as designing, understanding Divi Themes in WordPress. The cleverness to referee a game, or having a network that has a family member with a speaker set. Sounds unconnected, but all of those can be put to use for our club, Armixtos. Maybe you’re very good in motivating players to get every bal, or you’re just plain curious for all those other Armixtos members. That’s why we have tasks for volunteers. The bigger ones, like trainer or coach. Or the smaller ones, such as being in the media- or party committee.

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Why this system?

Armixtos heren spelverdeler setup volleybal amsterdamEvery volleyball club has standard responsibilities, such as demands from the Nevobo (renting a hall, deliver referees, have a VCP), handle to the best interest of the Armixtos policy and have a financial healthy club. Every volleyball team also has a set of tasks. Think of building up the court (and winding it down) for a match or practice, searching for a coach and referee a couple of matches.

We thrive to do this self-reliant: every team has the freedom to find their own way for filling in these tasks. Most likely your team gets together before or after the first match or practice, to discuss expectations and divide the tasks. The club-wide tasks are divided among different committees. These tasks are bigger than the team-tasks and will therefore get a small present or reward. But most of all they give you volunteer points for your team.

How do these ‘volunteer points’ work?

Met de hele vereniging volleyballen op het mixtoernooi With the extra effort of our volunteers, we can offer a lot of different things. That differs from a tournament for card games (Klaverjassen) to things as a serious improvement in the level and distribution among the ladies or gent teams. To get a good grip of all these extra efforts, every volunteer can earn points. If you do extra tasks, above those that are standard within your team, you’ll earn points. A big task will give you more points, and so on.

A lot of points will mean that your team will get assigned less remaining tasks. A team with very little volunteer points, will be frequently asked to help solve certain shortages in refereeing or other issue management. The other way around: if you’re quick, you get to choose from a very nice and broad spectrum of tasks that suit you. Every year we keep score in a volunteer team ranking. Which team is best? How much every task is worth can be found in the documents send to you before the ALV and can always be requested through our Secretary.

What is needed? 

Some tasks are for a full season, others are more random. The point of contact can tell you more. Is a function vacant and you want to now more about it, email our secretary Sophie. She will point you in the right direction or sign you up right away.


Mediacommissie Point of contact: Manou (D2) || foto’s & video: Inge (D4), Cristian (verenigingslid) || Vertaaltool Divi Theme WordPress: vacancy || Content social: vacancy || Content website: vacancy || PR & pers: vacancy || Ontwerp POS & digitaal materiaal: vacancy
Feestcommissie Point of contact: Jelte (H3/4) || Creatief lid: Yvette (D5) || Organisatorisch lid: vacancy || general member: vacancy
Technische Commissie Point of contact: ntb || Dames 1-2-3: Erik (Verenigingslid) || Dames 4-5: Maryse (D3) || Dames 6-7: vacancy || Dames 8-9: Esme (D1) || Heren 1-2: Esmee (D2) || Heren 3-4: vacancy
Regio scheidsrechters Verenigingsexpert: Erik (Verenigingslid) || Regioscheids: Tryntje (D4), Henk (H4). || Vacature: VS3: 2maal (more always possible) VS2: Interested? Course is only in Dutch, please e-mail our verenigingsexpert. VS1 (online test) is mandatory for every Armixtos member
Lustrum Point of contact: Martin (H2) || Leden: Berend (H4), Tom (honorable member), Janiek (D2), Masu (D1), Simone (D9), Tess (D8), Laura (verenigingslid). || vacancy: small tasks and extra hands for example: the lustrum party 24-9, home game saturdays, contact person for the party committee…

Open sollicitation

Beach Point of contact: Frans-Joseph (H2) || Leden: Berend (H4) || Cristian (verenigingslid) || Aurore (D9) || Jorieke (D5) || Sophie (D3)
Park Point of contact: Irene (D9) || Leden: Henk (H4) || Geertruida (Recreanten) || Wander (Recreanten) || David (Recreanten) || Berend (H4)
De Pijptoernooi Point of contact: Lotte (D5) || Leden: Pim (H1), Simone (D9). || Together with KVA Volleybal
Kascommissie Point of contact: Tess (D8) || Leden: Jan-Kees (Recreanten), Denise (D1)
Mixtoernooi Point of contact: Irene (D9) || Leden: Henk (H4) || Paula (D8) || Jorieke (D5) || David (Recreanten)
Wedstrijdsecretaris: Tess (D8) || Scheidsrechterscoördinator: Luke (D1) || Materiaalcoördinator: Paula (D8) || Vertrouwenspersoon (VCP): Tryntje (D4) || Shirtcoördinator: Malou (D2)
Trainers Point of contact: TZ – Jente (D6) || See the schedule via News or see each trainer per team via ‘Competitie’
Chairman: Nienke (D2) || Treasurer: Jorn (H3/4) || Secretary: Sophie (D6) || Technical Affairs: Jente (D6) || Communication: Manou (D2) || General: Laura (verenigingslid)

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