Do you fit the description ‘man’, that nevobo (Dutch Volleyball Federation) made, and have you been curious what that volleyball game is like, indoors? Or are you getting curious now? Perfect!

Tuesday March 29 Armixtos hosts the first of many ‘instuiftrainingen’. BOth our actual membres and interested sportsmen are welcome. The gents of Armixtos love to show you how much fun, fanatic and teamwork volleyball (in green) can be.

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As of 21:00, until 23:00 in Sportcentrum de Pijp (left side) we’ll provide training on multiple courts and multiple levels. During training it can happen that we switch players between courts, just to make sure all options are open, and everybody can experience different levels of volleyball.

Already a member and you have questiosn about this set-up? Ask Lindsay or Manou. For clarity: This is additional to the normal way of selection and the possibilities to try another team than your current. At the end of the season, there will also be possibilities to list your wishes and try and experience other levels or positions. 

What will happen?
During the training we’ll have several trainers and assistants prepped and ready to provide tips, give insights and let you all have a good evening. Before, during and after practice, our Sports cafe, Sportcafé de Pijp, is open for bites and drinks. You can also come in early, so you can watch some Armixtos ladies teams train between 19:00-21:00.

And then?
This is without obligations. If you are interested already or afterwards, you can join a team of your level and train for three times free of charge. After that, you can decide whether you want to join the Greens. You can decide to become a competition player, a training member with a competition team, or a recreational member.

More info
Want to know more about Armixtos? Read this website or ask your questions directly to our secretary. More about this specific Tuesday 29th? Ask the trainers of the gents via