The Nevobo, the national volleyball federation, finds it important that everyone can play volleyball in a safe environment. Sadly, the past has shown examples of people abusing their power and position in various situations. In order to provide a safe and free environment for everyone to play volleyball, the Nevobo has introduced ‘confidants’ (VCP) within each volleyball club. This person is the first point of contact for members who experience unacceptable behaviour, such as abuse of power, sexual harassment, discrimination or other forms of abuse.

Vertrouwenspersoon VCP Amsterdam Armixtos VolleybalAt Armixtos, our VCP contact person is Tryntje (dames 4). She is your first point of contact to discuss any kind of unacceptable behaviour such as described above. She will listen to your story and discuss with you whether it is an issue that the VCP indeed needs to deal with.

You can reach Tryntje in her role of VCP via


Things you can(not) discuss with the Confidants (VCP)

  • Team issues such as substitute player policies and content of practises are typically discussed within a team and are thus not issues that a VCP will be able to help you with.
  • But serious issues such as intimidation, harassment of any kind and abuse are typically issue to contact the VCP for.
  • Once you’ve contacted the VCP with an issue, she will listen to your story and discuss with you what steps to take.
  • All conversations are in essence confidential, but in certain cases the VCP may make a anonymised report to discuss with the board. In those cases, you will be notified and will have a say.

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