We’re ready for the second part of the Armixtos Beach Competition! Have you seen the mail with the updated schedule for June, July and August?

Summer Bonus: As soon as measures get more breathing space, it is possible to come by and have a look. If you’re (or know someone who is) interested to see what happens at Armixtos, pass by the beach courts on Wednesday evenings and Saturdays and get to know this green community! We’ll be more than happy to welcome you and tell you more about playing volleyball with Armixtos.

Below you will find the actual rules and regulations and links to updated protocols of Nevobo and Sportcentrum VU. These are only available in Dutch. For questions, please contact the Armixtos Beach Committee.

Rules for Armixtos Beach participants

  • We play at SportCentrum VU, on Wednesday nights and Saturdays;
  • Participation fee is for the entire season;
  • The Beach Committee divides the participants per field per evening. If there are empty slots in the schedule, players can fill those between themselves to have extra playtime;
  • If you have a friend, co-worker, acquaintance or slightly interested sub, you can check the schedule and ask the Beach Committee for a fitting solution. We love to have more volleyball fans in our #greencommunity in a safe way;
  • The Beach Committee has trainers on site for tips and advice. However, no training is given, but a lot of games are still played. You can always request an exercise;
  • There is no switching between the fields (this is only possible and allowed in advance);
  • The Beach Committee provides balls and disinfection material. Bring your own water;
  • There is no changing room and you cannot linger before and afterwards.

General rules

  • It is NOT allowed to block;
  • A distance must be kept 1.5 meters;
  • After each session, the ball is disinfected; supplies are arranged;
  • No contact through or under the net (handshake, high five, etc);
  • After you’ve played, together you will make sure the field is left orderly, including raking away the dips in the field;
  • Stay at home if you have health problems;
  • Participation is on registration and necessary because of the corona measures;
  • Attendance is mandatory if you are registered;
  • Last minute cancellation? You need to arrange a substitute yourself and report it in the planning schedule. 

Protocol Nevobo
Protocol Sportcentrum VU

See you on the sandside!
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