We train indoors until May 31. Very nice, since we need the space for new players and trainers. In the upcoming weeks we have time to get to know each other and see if it clicks. Yay! Dutch version

Now what?

Thanks to a well responded CAF the Technical Committee is now puzzling its way through the preliminary roster. How shall the combination of players work best, what does that mean for the level of play and which other things we mustn’t forget these last couple of weeks?

  • May 30 and 31 are the final indoor training nights of this season
  • Some players will be invited to join the training with another team
  • Do you have any friends, colleagues, family members or acquaintances that might want to try volleyball in this green environment? Feel free to invite them, take them with you and show them the value of this club! (and maybe tell your trainer or captain when they’ll join)
  • Curious about the policy that the TC follows, but you’ve lost the documentation of the ALV last year? Ask for the policy via tz@armixtos.nl (Yes, with a Z (from the Dutch ‘zaken’ and not with a C from committee)

Done with training after this?

  • Make sure you have all six game volleyballs that belong to your team and make sure you put them neatly in the storage closets. Something missing or looking for another asset of your training? Let your captain know, or tell it directly to Paula (D8) from the ‘Materiaalcommissie’.
  • Make sure you stall the ‘spelerskaarten’ in a safe place and please give the ones to those who stop or leave Armixtos for another club. And does everybody have their ID’s back?
  • Do you quit Armixtos (I’m not crying, you are) after this season, or does someone from your team? That person can keep the game shirt, of course. But they could also return it (clean) to the shirt committee (Malou D2) Depending on wearing time and state, they’ll get a part of the purchase value in return. In the future, new members get the chance to choose between a worn shirt for a lower amount, or purchase a new shirt for the full price. #sustainable

In the week prior to the ALV (that one is on Tuesday June 14) the TC will send the preliminary roster. We’ll probably start end of August with the instuif- and indoor practices, we’re working on that with the municipality of Amsterdam.

Who is this TC? 

Maybe you’ve missed the newsletter updates (not signed in? Email Manou and she’ll opt-in you again!) – not a problem! The TC operates as one, making sure there are a lot of eyes watching the teams and players throughout the season. At the moment, these are the ‘points of contact’:

Iris D (D2) and Esmee (D2) – Heren 1 and 2
Lianne (D4) – Heren 3 and 4
Erik N (D2) – Dames 1, 2 and 3
Maryse (D3) – Dames 4 and 5
Anne B (D4) – Dames 6 and 7
Esmé (D1) – Dames 8 and 9
Psst: There are TWO spots available in the TC! Grab your change and let our board member TZ (tz@armixtos.nl) or Iris D (D2) know you’re interested. 

Armixtos Dames 1 Volleybal Amsterdam De Pijp

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