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The Armixtos committees, who love a good party, are busy behind the scenes with all kinds of preparations. Potentially an e-mail with some short questions in order to clarify things about this event will be send out soon. What makes an Armixtosser happy? What bonds us all besides those new and amazing green and orange team shirts? In any case, there are some dates that you can already mark in your calendars.

Dutch version

  • Saturday 18th of December: After a good farewell party (read more here) by the former party committee, the new committee is already on their mission to make this season just as awesome. That’s why they want to celebrate Christmas. ‘cause Christmas means ‘together’ and Armixtos has ‘together’ as one of it’s keywords. So, block that agenda on Saturday night the 18th. More information will follow.

NB: Access to any cafe or bar (when sitting down) is only possible if you can show a QR-code in the Corona Check app, which shows either a proof of vaccination or a positive corona-test proof less than 6 months old. Of course we assume that those who have symptoms, stay at home and follow the rules made by the Dutch government.  Read more about those here

  • Tuesday 4th of January, 2022
    Mix tournament x New Year’s drinks x Kick-off 50 years of Armixtos.
    (Yep, we’re still working on a good title. Interested in helping out with the Mix tournament? Email Irene. Interested in helping out with the party committee? Email Ozlem. )

  • Saturday 22th of January, 2022
    A hopeful day, on which almost every Armixtos team plays at home, at Sports center De Pijp. Maybe there will be an envious party… make sure you mark your agenda for a long evening.
  • Saturday 2nd of April, 2022
    One of the last weekends to make a mark in the competition. Today is also a day that almost every Armixtos team is playing in Sport centre De Pijp. So, don’t forget to keep the evening empty in the agenda.
  • Zaterdag 23 april 2022
    The De Pijp Tournament, with a party!
    KVA and Armixtos are both celebrating their lustrum year. Armixtos will be 50 years old in 2022 and the KVA is already celebrating their 70th anniversary this season (CONGRATS!).
  • May 2022:
    The start of the Beach and Park Season Lustrumstyle
  • August/September 2022:
    End of the Beach and Park season Lustrumstyle, Start season x walk-in training x clinics Lustrumstyle
  • November 2022:
    Lustrum Closing Party

And, what are your needs? What would you like to celebrate in green? Do you have nice anecdotes to share? Intriguing images? Lovely! They can be send to lustrumfoto@armixtos.nl

Do you know how to involve the neighbourhood? Or maybe be more visible online? Or just a good tip, somebody in your network to help us? Let us know through the contactformulier!

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