The Dutch government will inform us about further measures on Tuesday the 25th. The nevobo has informed the board about the different scenarios that can follow after the 25th. The most important updates are listed down below. If you want to read the full email, please ask via this address.

Dutch version

The upcoming weeks we’ll train following the basic schedule. Find that one here. 
* NB: the first two weeks (17th and 24th of January) Heren 2 will join the training of Heren 1 on Monday (and NOT on Tuesday)
* (Extra) training with another team or an extra training as a team can be requested with the TC. Ask your TC-member, maybe even through your captain. No clue who your TC-member is? Email

Team Roster for the second half of the season has been e-mailed on Sunday, the 16th of January. In the upcoming week the website team pages will be updated too. Maybe your team also has a new team photo available? Please, send it to us!

Measures in Sportcentrum de Pijp & Wethouder Verhey

  • A face mask is required, strongly advised is a type II.
  • Wash your hands with water and soap, each time you leave the door and when you enter and leave the gym;
  • Keep your distance where possible and respect each other’s choices, also when these differ from your own;
  • Acces to the sports areas (meaning every part of it, also the cafe’s, toilets, dressing rooms, etc.) is only possible when you have a valid corona virus entry pass (CTB) in combination with a valid ID. This applies to everyone above 18 years of age. Please, make sure you also have a clean face mask to wear when requested. 
  • Volleyball club Armixtos Amsterdam is not allowed to receive any visitors.
  • SportCafe De Pijp is open for take-away. Please note that the assortment might be limited.
  • The municipality of Amsterdam will check if we have our face masks and is responsible for scanning the CTB in combination with a valid ID. We – Volleybal vereniging Armixtos – are responsible for making this an orderly, calm and polite moment.
    – Please make sure that you’re early to the location – there might be a queue.
    – Please make sure you already wear your face mask before entering the building.
    – Please make sure you have your CTB and ID ready, to be scanned and checked easily.
    – It might be possible that we’re in charge in the early future for the scanning and checking of CTB’s. Such as cup matches, specific tournaments, etc. The board will inform those in charge how to apply the rules correctly.
  • People under 18, referees and anybody in a technical function who is requested inside the gym, doesn’t have to show their CTB and ID.
  • Changed Match Schedule
    * Matches for the recreational group will be planned when possible. Communication will go via the regular channels.
    * Competition matches that were scheduled up to the 26th of January are postponed. Also the back-up-weeks at the end of April will be used to plan postponed matches.
    * Competition matches for the 2nd half of the season are published and can be found in the app or on the website of Match secretaries will be optimalizing this schedule  the upcoming days.
    * Matches that don’t have an exact date yet, can be left alone. These will be planned soon.
    * TIP from the West Office of the nevobo: Matches are only allowed if been played amongst each other, without an official referee. Teams are allowed to schedule a match that will be up for competition, already and play this one right now. If you note the results, players intel and more on paper and make sure you fill the Digital Match Form later on, it might relief the pressure of matches later in the season.

    Questions or suggestions about changed matches or the app can be delivered via your captain to our secretary;

  • Don’t forget to enjoy this wonderful game!
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